What Questions Should You Ask Your Attorney?

Whether you are facing criminal charges, looking for a personal injury claim, or have a family dispute that needs attention, there is a good chance that you are going to need an attorney to help you. More often than not, you’re likely going to feel like you have too many choices, and narrowing them down is integral albeit hard to do. So what are the questions that you should have in mind when you’re meeting with prospective attorneys?


Regardless of what type of lawyer they are, the most important thing you should know before choosing your representation is what their level of experience is. Would you want to hire a fresh out of college attorney? How about an experienced criminal defense attorney, but for a family law case? Chances are that you won’t want either of these, but that’s not to say they couldn’t be effective. You need to find someone who has built up a portfolio of cases similar to yours, or in the same field as yours. If they have defended or represented multiple clients from various walks of life, typically that means that they can bring different viewpoints and advantages to your case. They have seen the ins and outs of the court system, and therefore they know the best course of action for you.


Once you’ve found an attorney who has the experience you value, you need to find one that will work with you every step of the way. Getting handed off to an unqualified representative is frowned upon in any industry, but if you’re looking to deal with a certain person and never speak to them outside of your court date, then can you truly feel represented? You need to be able to feel like your opinion and your word matters. If an attorney is willing to sit with you in consultation all the way through your case, then you’ve found representation that is right for you.

As with anything, these are merely suggestions that should be taken into account before making your decision. Perhaps you don’t care about their experience, or you don’t care that they can’t spare the time to sit with you. Whatever your decision making choices are, you should have them firmly in mind before you sit with them in consultation. Don’t make the decision lightly and then regret it later; this is your future at stake.


Medical Malpractice Lawsuits – A Critical Analysis

Doctors are among the most esteemed members of our society – and for good reason! The medical profession is an ancient one, and what could be more important than the task of healing those with physical ailments, illnesses, and disorders? All of us, at some point in our lives if we haven’t already, will call on a doctor to help us treat or maneuver through a health crisis.

Many people believe that the prevalence of medical malpractice lawsuits constitute a terrible disservice to those in the medical profession. However, talk of America as a “lawsuit-happy” nation, one whose citizens are constantly suing one another, is a bit of an exaggeration. Take, for example, the case of Stella Liebeck, the woman who famously sued the McDonald’s restaurant chain after spilling a scalding cup of their coffee on her lap. While the case was often cited as the epitome of entitled frivolity, Liebeck in fact received third-degree burns from the cup of coffee, was hospitalized for eight days, and underwent extensive skin graft operations. She primarily sued to recoup medical expenses. Many lawsuits are simply important checks on those providing services.

Many medical malpractice suits fit into this framework. For example, some medical accidents occur which are not catastrophic, but which simply require additional treatment, sometimes costly and painful. Medical malpractice suits are a good way for patients to call upon doctors and the insurance agencies or hospitals with which they are affiliated in order to receive compensation for these setbacks.

Unfortunately, more traumatic malpractice episodes do occur. People experience injuries and difficulties as a result of medical accidents fairly regularly. As Chicago law firm Baizer Kolar P.C. writes, medical malpractice is estimated by some groups to be the sixth leading cause of wrongful death in the United States of America.

In the face of this information, medical malpractice suits stop seeming like a travesty of justice and start seeming like a relatively fair way to ensure that justice is served. Nobody can expect doctors to be perfect – from diagnosis to surgery, it is, in fact, human beings that are behind the wheel; and while we’ve not yet found a robot that can simulate the deep experience and intuition that the best doctors bring to the profession, every human being is imperfect.

For example, recently in Chicago, lawyers have made a number of rulings that demonstrate the ways in which people are entitled to damages based on medical malpractice. Some infants at local Chicago hospitals have developed cerebral palsy or other developmental difficulties as a result of mishandled birthing procedures. Learning difficulties and physical or mental handicaps often mean that childcare will cost a great deal more than the parents may have expected – especially in a city like Chicago, where childcare costs are already greater than the national average. The emotional labor the parents will have to put in may also be increased, which can result in financial costs, such as therapy. In this way, medical malpractice lawsuits often simply allow patients to recoup costs they probably didn’t have in their budgets.

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Should you get a prenup before marriage?


The truth is, prenup is not necessary at all. This is just like a dating agreement unless there is something that you would like to agree. It is all about remain bonded together before marriage and even though it is taken care by the law, as an individual you don’t have. There are things that are going to make you do that, maybe you are going for a mission somewhere and you want the partner to remain your until you come back, that is when you can get the prenup. But for the below outlined reasons, you need to know that prenup is not good for people who are dating.

#1. Authority to misbehave


Once you commit yourself on the law that you would remain in the arms of someone, the person, who is your partner could start misbehaving because he or she know everything was already laid down. As a result, people may end up being unfaithful or even stop to care about you because they know there is nothing you can do but just wait until marriage. To avoid yourself from into such messes, you need to ensure that you control everything on your own. This way, you are going to remain loyal to each other.

#2. It shows mistrust and doubt

Sad woman on bed with her husband in the background
Sad woman on bed with her husband in the background

Why should you do that if everything is okay? Marriage is not something that people are forced and if you see it reaching to that extent, you need to know that the probability of you two staying for a long time is less expectably. People who know why they are dating cannot do such a thing, it’s you, it’s your choice, and whiles should you involve the law to fence you in situations that you could actually emancipate yourself.

The top 3 law schools in the United States


#1.Yale University New Haven, CT


This is the oldest law school that has produced uncountable number of graduates. It has all the specialties of the law that people would like to attend. It has been ranked top for many years because of the knowledge that it keeps on disposing to the graduates making them to be a top cream that every law firm wants to have. The University has all the resources plus some law firms that enables students to get the best experience.

#2. Harvard University Cambridge, MA


Harvard has always been known to be a fountain of knowledge where the most powerful graduates of all fields are made. Its law school is recognized worldwide. Some of the lecturers teaching there have been involved in the most top Government cases and they have propelled victory. Student undergo extensive tutorials and their teaching include both theory and practical to ensure that they learn extensively what is taught in class. All students are required to attend a certain attendance percentage for them to be allowed to sit for exams otherwise they would not be allowed to proceed.

#3. Stanford University Stanford, CA


This is the school that has been given many points and awards of excellence by many companies all over the world. Its graduates are scattered almost every country of this continent because it contains wide myriad of law specialties. It has been known to produce the best and well equipped graduates who can handle task accurately. Its success has been measured by the number of victories the former students are making compared to other universities.

4 things you should know before applying for law school


#1. Employment opportunities

Over the recent previous years, new law graduates students have been evidently and practically tarmacking with no place to hold. They have been forced to stay at homes or look for an alternative. This does not mean that you should say no to law but try to consider what you want out of your legal career prospects. Law has so many branches so ensure that you know the specialization that you want to take in law. Go to the net and look for the best law specializations.

#2. Place of practice

The truth is, you can only be an expert in the law field only to specific places. Many young students who are planning to join law school are always eager to go and work abroad and in the developed counties to earn hefty salaries. The truth is that you need to be well experienced in the laws of a particular country. If you want to practice in the UK, then find for a law school within UK.

#3. Reading persistence

It’s all about grabbing forcefully the law concepts. You learn as many laws as possible but if you cannot read now and then, mastering such laws becomes a problem. Student lawyers read a lot and even the way they answer questions real matters. You need to be a book wormer otherwise law school would not be a conducive place for you.

#4. Creativity and eloquence

Being a lawyer needs one to be very creative and quick thinker. You would be more of a solution finder rather than just a problem identifier. Out of those problems, you are supposed to carry out an analysis of the law and combine that act to the law to explain why it is wrong or right.